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Dear MCI Consultants,

Welcome to your training on Phase 2 (month 2) of the F.A.S.T consulting methodology, notably the 4-week online sessions covering 4 modules.  These work towards the transformation road map and are designed as a consensus building and alignment activity in that journey.

This internal training has been set up for you using Meeting Professionals International (MPI) as the case study client.  This is so that you are exposed to the full process and content as co-created by the MPI TTF and MCI’s consultants.  What does this mean:

  • When answering, try to put yourself in the position of the MPI TTF.  You all know the meetings industry well enough that you can project.
  • At the same time, you can see how the questions will be adapted to different clients in different industries/professions.
  • You will be exposed in the virtual 90-minute workshops (starting 10 September) to real workshops as though you were the MPI TTF. 
    • This will allow you to witness the experience from the TTF perspective while also observing the roles of the Senior MCI Consultant (Robin) and the Junior Consultant (Marc).
    • You will also see “real” MPI TTF created content (i.e their workshop results etc.) so you fully understand the process.  This is CONFIDENTIAL information and must be treated in full confidence by you.  Obviously no discussions with any colleagues.

The virtual 90-minute workshops are conducted using Zoom.  You will soon get an invite from Marc.  All preparatory communications will come from Marc (role of junior consultant).

This is the first time we are using the LMS, so please also provide feedback on your user experience.

If you are not familiar with MPI, you can learn more on their website:

We hope you enjoy this training!

Team F.A.S.T.

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